Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Nathan had Monday off because of Veteran's day so we headed to San Francisco for the afternoon.  We went to the mall downtown that has 8 floors.  The kids were so excited when we walked in!

We had fun riding the escalators.  We rode all the way to the top.

and then back down.

This is at the top.

This is the view from the top down.

We headed outside and then went to a few other places and had to stop by the Disney store and then ended up at Macy's.  Holiday Lane was on the 7th floor so we went up to the top to see the Christmas decorations.  When we got to the top we found an ice skating rink and the big Christmas Tree in the view from the big window.

It wasn't cold but Anistyn wanted to wear her coat.

The pictures are a little gray because they had a big scrim hanging down with Brad Pitts face on it.  This is funny because Nathan has started saying, "Hey look.  It's the boring guy from the TV." every time he sees the new Chanel ads.

We took a little break here before we were off to find the car. (The girl never stops moving!)

It was a fun afternoon in the city!!

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